The Konnector

You want a ride but your regular boda boda is not available; you need a package delivered but you have no way of knowing which rider is nearby. The Konnector will link you with the nearest boda boda rider to satisfy your transport need, be it a ride, a parcel delivery or grocery store purchase.

And this is done with safety in mind. Any rider registered in The Konnector undergoes a vetting process through the local administration. A peer accountability mechanism where the riders are organised in groups ensures that riders are adhering to established and agreed norms.

How it Works

1Open the App to Find Available Riders

The map will show you nearby available drivers.

2Choose From the List of Available Riders

Select 'List View' to choose your preferred rider

3Book your Driver

Tap on the driver you prefer and then tap 'Book'.

4Wait a few minutes

After booking you can track your riders location. You will be notified once he arrives.

5Rate your Ride

When you arrive at your destination safely be sure to rate your experience!

Who we are

At The Konnector we are passionate about connecting you and your transport need (ride, package delivery or store purchase). We do this by expanding your existing network of riders through technology in a non-invasive and seamless manner. Wherever you happen to be located, you can see the nearest list of riders for your ease of choice. Click on a rider to see their particulars. This way, your interaction starts way before you decide if they are the right fit for your need.