Our Story

At Konnector, we understand this is the best time to be in Africa; the best time to innovate and there has never been a better time than this.

Three things have happened in Africa in the recent years that have caused a revolution: Cloud; Broadband Internet; Mobile technology – causing everything to change. Some call it general disruption and the buzz words now are Digital, Internet, Online, Mobile and so on. At Konnector, we only have one buzz work – Connected!

Our vision is to see consumers connected to consumers, businesses connected to businesses, services accessible to individuals, and communities connected in every way. We aspire to impact in a new way, the way connections happen. We believe Technology is powerful but it is not an end in itself. In the hands of dreamers, dreamers who want to see connections and relationships that are mutually beneficial, technology is a beautiful thing. We dream for that day where every connection will add value to the individuals involved.

This is why we operate on 3 key tenets – Revolutionary! Ambitious! Bold!